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Welcome to the online art gallery of Swati Soni.
Swati currently lives in Mississauga (Ontario), savouring and getting inspired by the natural beauty of southern Canada. Her works are exhibited in various art shows and the information about these can be received regularly by visiting this website or subscribing to the newsletter.

Artist Statement:

It is not that I create art works, it is the art that gives me life everyday.

After growing up in India, I experienced the mesmerizing beauty of Canadian seasons first time in my early twenties. It was so fascinating to see the leaves go through a life cycle, touching the pinnacle of beauty in autumn. I had worked on portraits until that point and always found myself bounded. Those moments gave my imagination the freedom that I was subconsciously looking for. I had found a subject matter that my soul could connect with.

It took me two years and more than a thousand experiments to find my own way of expression. It had to be unique and equally joyful. I chose to directly connect with canvas through my fingers. When I use fingers to apply paint directly onto the canvas, it makes me feel closer to the artwork with a direct transfer of my emotions and energy. Every stroke of finger tip creates an abstract and unique pattern. Thousands of those patterns combine in a harmonious way to create the representation of my imagination.

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